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Whoops! I know, it's nearly April. The thing is, the pictures are still frosty and not a lot going on in them! Still, here we go. 

Upper lawn 01/03/2010

Really still not an awful lot going on out here. The only thing of note is that the conifer is now leaning at an outrageous angle. Unfortunately I think that's terminal. I grew this in a pot initially, and I don't think I teased out the roots enough. I'm going to replace it over the Easter weekend with something else. 


Lower lawn 01/03/2010

Yup, not much different from last month really!

Concrete 01/03/2010

The concrete is still slimy, the cordyline has broken free of its restraints, and has definitely got some broken leaves from the snow earlier. Plenty to tidy up. 

Veg bed 01/03/2010

Veg bed, also looking mostly defunct. Last year I'd got it looking quite smart (although empty), but then I was unemployed and had time! Easter... I'll get it sorted over Easter. 

Terraces 01/03/2010

The terraces are starting to show signs of life, but only in terms of some new leaves if you look really closely. Everything's taking a while to come back to life!

Upper slope 01/03/2010

The upper slope is no exception. I can pick out signs of the daffodils I planted for this time of year, but they aren't flowering in this photo! Again, I need to spend some quality time out there, cutting back all the perennials and tidying things up a bit. This is going to be a very busy weekend, even if it is long!

Across the path 01/03/2010 

The red dogwood on the top slope stands out better than I'd expected. No leaves yet on the currant, which is different from last year! Actually, looking at last year shows how much the lavender and rosemary on that top slope has grown in the last year. 

Link to last March's post is here.

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