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New additions

The weather got a bit better this month then, didn't it?! I've been working hard out in the garden, trying to catch back up with where I wanted to be out there by now. Not quite got there, but got an awful lot done. At least now it looks possible! 

I thought I'd just show some of the new additions in the back garden. First, the gnome. He did make an appearance in the April photos, but this is a close-up and a proper introduction!

Gnome and blossom

Meet Mickey. He is cheerful regardless of the weather. He is colourful when all around him is grey. And he reminds us both of happy times in Florida. He may also be just a little bit silly, which honestly is most of the point!

I've been saying over the winter that the conifer out back has slipped over in the winter winds. I finally replaced it. 

New rowan

It's a rowan tree. I've been reading my books on permaculture again, and decided I wanted a slightly taller tree for shelter from the neighbours. I also wanted it to be deciduous for the leaf mulch, flowers for the bees and insects, berries for the birds (and possibly us - you can make a jelly with rowan berries apparently) and perhaps some Autumn colour too. We bought this tree on a trip up to Cambridge, and it had to come back from the nursery with 5 of us in the car, so it was sticking out of the sunroof! It's survived, and I think it's going to work very well out there. 

I've taken one of the plants out of the pots on the concrete and planted it out, which left me with an empty pot and a space on the concrete. Again, having been reading my books and thinking about what we eat and that I have an unheated greenhouse that sits almost unused in Winter. So I have bought a lemon tree!


I think those lovely glossy leaves will make a really good addition to the concrete, and it already has some very small lemons on it so we'll see how we go. That pot is the same one that's been in that spot for ages, and it had faded to a grubby, nasty shade of pink. I went to Halfords and got me some Ford Wedgewood Blue spray paint, and now it's a shiny blue! Much better. 

I used the rest of the can on the top of the bath. 


Yes, honestly, a bath. Those books have a lot to answer for. All of our water from the kitchen comes out of one pipe, then goes through a 90 degree bend and down a drain. The drain blocks occasionally, normally with bits of noodle and the like (yeah, bit nasty) and then the water goes right across the concrete. I think we can run that water into a horizontal reed bed instead of the drain, use the reeds to clean up the worst of the gack and run the cleaner water across to the apple tree, lemon tree and other pots on the concrete. The bath was from freecycle out of someone's skip, so now all we have to do is work out the plumping and get some gravel and reeds, and hopefully it'll grow up and look green and lush! GG will hopefully help me to box in most of the bath and level it up, so that blue top will eventually be all you see. It's all just one big experiment - I'll make updates.

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