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Ha ha! I'm nearly on time with this one. I'd have posted these yesterday, but the pic of the veg bed was out of focus and the terrace photo was covered in reflections so I had to take replacements. 

Upper lawn 01/04/2010

The leaning tree is still out there. Well, it was on the 1st of the month, anyway! You can just see one of the daffodils that I planted, come out on the top right of the picture. I should have planted more, but hopefully they will bulk out a bit with time. It was a good decision to put some in. Although the daylilies are coming up it's going to be quite a while before they flower. There's a few things coming up and through, and some leaves are starting to appear. Looking back at the photos from last year, I think it's April to May when things really start to come good. 

Lower lawn 01/04/2010

This one is a bit rubbish. But by the time the weather eased up the following day I just wanted to get out there, and we've already changed quite a bit! 

Concrete 01/04/2010

Oh, look! You can see our new arrival in the apple tree pot! We bought a gnome. A Mickey Mouse gnome. Because he was cheerful and bright and we wanted to. Yes. 

Upper slope 01/04/2010

The forsythia is off and running, doing it's bright yellow thing. There are daffodils coming up around the pear tree. The rosemary is flowering, and the daffodils are up in the slope and have taken over from the snowdrops amongst the strawberries too. 

Path 01/04/2010

Looking across the path, the ornamental currant is flowering. The rest, well, needs some work. 

Veg bed 01/04/2010

The veg bed. There are florets appearing on my broccoli, but I have to be honest and say I don't really know when to pick them! I'm sure I'll work it out. Must pick the leeks soon too. I missed Good Friday for planting my potatoes, but they'll go in tomorrow instead. Broad beans too!

Terraces 01/04/2010

And finally, the view of the terraces. There are about to be lots of pale lemon daffodils flowering all over that, but for now there are only a couple on the bottom terrace. The strip along the front is rocking the bright pink flowers next to the bright yellow daffodils again, which is always something to look forward too! The chard is also recovering from it's freezing and we've had another meal from it this month! 

Last April's post is here for comparison...

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