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Yesterday, almost on a whim really, I enter the Heroes 10km Run over in Hove. A colleague forwarded me the link during a weak moment at work, and next thing I knew I'd signed up!

That didn't leave me too long to work out a costume, and to be honest, as 3.5 miles is the furthest I'd run since starting up again, I wasn't altogether sure how far I'd get. I had a quick think about most of the heroines I could, and most of them have long hair, wear knee-high (or higher) boots, and lots of lycra.

Fortunately, wikipedia does have a list of superheroines which turns out to be pretty much any female character in a comic. So I trawled through that until I hit Tank Girl, and decided I could throw together an outfit that came close and was still reasonable to run in. To be honest, I mostly concentrated on the headgear and a few accessories. I run in a pair of camo shorts (Harlot Houlihan bike shorts) anyway! Naturally, suitable hats have been available everywhere all winter long, so now it's 'warm' they are nowhere to be found. In the end I settled for a woolly earflap hat that sort of came close. 

Tank Girl headgear

Forgive the slightly ropey shot - I had to take it myself after the run! I had the horns anyway, they are one of my favourite dressing up items, and swimming goggles just about met the requirement. I found some of my more weird dangly earrings (fish skeleton one side, ankh the other) and a couple of necklaces, and finished off with my cycling gloves and random bracelets. With more time I should have added some "I love tanks" tattoos maybe, or the odd kangaroo! 

Hardly anyone turned up without a costume. There were some awesome ones too. And there was a 500m kids dash, which meant there were loads of really cute little superheroes running around everywhere! Little kids really do love running, given half a chance. 

I'm really pleased to say that I ran the whole way! Finished in 66 minutes, 22 seconds. Slow but steady. This is actually the first time I've ever run that far in one go. Sounds strange given that I've completed a marathon, but when I did that I was using a run-walk method, so I only ever ran for 6 minutes at a time. I'm dead chuffed. I learned a few more things too - don't turn up too early, don't take your coat off until you have to, take food for after (I did, it was good)... Oh, and try not to miss the medals at the end. I thought I didn't mind, but I did and ended up walking back a fair way to pick one up. D'oh!

This has given me a bit of a push on the mileage front, and some confidence that I can do it too. So that's all good. And now I have a PB to beat at 10km! Watch out for next year... 

Did it!

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