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Wow. There went another month. Busy is good, right? The pictures were taken on time. I love this time of year, the garden just seems to go into overdrive!

Upper lawn June 01 2010

Having said that, you can see from the state of the lawn that we've not had a lot of rain this Spring. It's been a chilly one, but very dry. My waterbutts are seeing us through though, which is a relief. Last year we had one fewer, and I don't think it would have lasted!

This year we had a couple of blue camassia's flower (the faint smudge right middle!), which is the first time for ages! My brother originally bought us three blue and three white bulbs, but the blues have been totally overshadowed by the whites. The white ones are flowering now actually, later than the blues. They are much more robust plants. I might divide them this year. The new trees at the back are working really well too. And my greengage tree has greengages on it! The fruit haul could be good this year, which is exciting. The bright red in the scooter bed is the start of the geum that I planted last year and was vaguely disappointed by, and I can tell you that this year it is no disappointment. 

Lower lawn June 01 2010

I love those alliums. Which is a good job, as they seem to be multiplying really well! And in the bed closest I have a new bugle that was a very expensive £1 from B&Q last autumn which has a lot of promise for next year. This year was good, a lovely shade of blue, but it was very small. It's growing like mad right now, so next year should be cracking. 

Concrete June 01 2010

The concrete is covered in bits for various projects as ever! You can just see the start of the frame around the bath there, and the orange bags in the middle is the large gravel for the bottom of my 'reedbed'. One day I'll stop cluttering that up, and we'll just use it for alfresco dining etc. (Who am I kidding?!) The potatoes are really big and healthy. I'm going to harvest some later today actually. We'll see if going from 3 to 2 per pot and including chicken poo has helped or harmed the yield, but the tops look great. Different variety this year, so not a direct comparison, but still. 

Veg bed June 01 2010

Still not an awful lot going on in the veg bed I guess. The potatoes are growing fairly well. My peas and mange tout were really late going in this year, but they are in there now. There are shallots growing in the fence quarter, and the broccoli plants have gone mental. The bees are all over them, so I haven't cut them back yet. In the slope quarter there are broad beans, not sure how many I'll get this year. The ants are carefully herding the aphids on them now, and not many of them seem to be setting seed. Looks like the lack of over-wintered ones was a mistake! The apples blossomed really well, and I can see a lot of fruit (for us) on them so that's exciting!

Terraces June 01 2010

In the terraces, the currants are doing really well. I'm excited, because this looks like it's going to be the first decent crop of redcurrants we've ever had. Of course, the birds could beat me there yet! Last year a blackbird discovered the blackcurrants, and there have been sparrows all over the terraces this year. Still, promising. I've had some strawberries off the plants in the bottom terrace too. I forgot my first strawberries were the early honeoye type. These plants were runners off the originals, which is good because over winter I've lost all the original plants. I'm hoping to get more runners this year and make that my strawberry patch. 

I had a bit of a disaster in there too though. I planted out 10 little lettuce plants, and all of them got munched in the course of 3 days. Right down to the root. Bastard slugs. So I've got replacements on the grow, and I'm going to pellet the area. I've had enough. I've tried all sorts of things, and yes, oatmeal works but you need a small mountain! I'm only going to use them in selected areas, and the back garden is definitely out of bounds. So there. 

Upper slope June 01 2010

The upper slope is fleshing out nicely, there are a lot more plants than last year! The rosemary has been spectacular again, which always gets things going well. Lots more alliums! In fact, there are even more. There's a whole row of two different varieties growing just behind the strawberries. The first variety (I can't remember what it was!) is in flower now, and looks lovely. The second is allium sphaerocephalon, which flowers a bit later. Should work well. The pear tree looks a lot happier with life this year too. We've not had such strong winds, and I gave it a pretty good chop to try and get it a bit stockier! I don't think I have any pears on it though, probably as a result. 

Path June 01 2010

Looking across the path, it's looking pretty lush. The birds seem to be liking the arch to perch on, which is nice. I've taken the black plastic off the top right of the path - it's worked well for killing the weeds (apart fromt he bind weed, but you can't have everything), and it's time for the low-growing plants I put in to bush out. I used the roof tiles I picked up over the winter to sort out the other side of the path, and I've put some alpines in through the same piece of plastic. That should hopefully mean we don't need to strim up there to keep the path accessible - the last bit we felt we had to cut regularly. 

I'm still a little behind on the veg, but it's all coming along in the greenhouse so there's hope for the harvest yet. And it's buzzing out there! That has to be a good thing. Happiness is.

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