Hop it!
Monday, July 19, 2010 at 13:27
martian77 in Garden

While I was out in the garden over the weekend I came across this little chap:

Face on grasshopper

Looks just like the bad guys in 'A Bug's Life', huh? Of course, when I say little, it was actually rather larger than the size of grasshopper I'm used to seeing in the garden.

Top down grasshopper

I'd say an inch and a half long maybe? Pretty chunky, really. Now I'm wondering what it's been eating to reach that size, and exactly what it thinks it will be eating from here on in? In other words, is this friend or foe? Will it eat other pest-type-things, or munch my lovely plants? All I remember from 'A Bug's Life' is them nicking the ants stores of food!

Side on grasshopper

More research needed... It certainly posed for long enough.

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