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Whoops! Just squeaking in before the end of the month again!

Upper lawn 1 Sept 2010

All a bit overgrown and woolly. That rudbeckia is looking spectacular, and one of the new hardy (I hope!) fuschias is looking colourful on the left there. I think that spot is a little shady to maintain the bright green of the leaves, but the flowers are doing well which is good. The bugle I put in last year has spread really well, I think it might be beating up the phlox I put in next to it! I'll wait and see. 

Lower lawn 1 Sept 2010

Bad reflections on this lot, but you can make out how badly the lawn needs cutting! Looking quite lush after the rain we've had in August. 

Concrete 1 Sept 2010

The concrete is looking a little green, where the water from the reed bed is running through the pots along the fence then across the concrete. The reeds are growing well, and the lemon tree seems to be doing pretty well too. I discovered that the hole for the abelia had got blocked, which is why its leaves had gone red last month. Now it's getting lots of water and seems to be thriving. 

Upper slope 1 Sept 2010

The upper slope looks ok here, huh? The Japanese anemone that I was sure had died has come back, and has flowered all month - not massively, but consistently. There's a lot of scope for improvement still though. 

Across the path 1 Sept 2010

I'm so pleased that I put those crocosmia in under the ornamental currant, they've flowered really well. And all the lavender that I didn't harvest has been spectacular. 

Veg bed 1 Sept 2010

Apples on the trees! I'm so excited. This is the first year that the Fiesta (nearest the path) has had any apples, and the Newton's Wonder has only had one. Really looking forward to eating them! Apple crumbles are in my future, I can tell. The rest is... Well, a bit of a mess again. Still, I've got kale in the slope quarter, and we've had lettuce, some beans, and courgettes. Not inundated with anything, I'll work on that for next year. 

Terraces 1 Sept 2010

Again, the rudbeckia is looking good. I'm hopeful that the rudbeckia is improving each year because the soil is too. You never know. I'm definitely seeing more evidence of worms, so that's all good! 

I'll try and blog October a little more quickly. Really. 

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