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I finally bought one, after much umming and ahhing. I want to be able to load all my academic papers onto it and go read them away from the computer, and having lots of books with me at the same time didn't sound bad either! 

Of course, having bought one, it feels kind of flimsy and like it might need some protection. But I am a poor student, and the lovely leather cases that Amazon sell are expensive! So I figured I'd make one. I have a load of upholstery samples scavenged by a friend when a local shop were getting rid (and that was a fun pub trip where we divvied up the goods!), so I figured I could use some of that. And I really wanted to try some hand-quilting before I get going on the big quilt I'm doing. In short, I guess you could say I made it up as I went along, buying the missing bits and bobs as I needed!

Home-made kindle cover

Finished it yesterday. The quilting follows the flowers, mostly. I could have done with putting in a bit extra here and there, but I didn't! The edging is just black bias binding, and the black holding it closed is black elastic. 

Home-made kindle cover

That gives a better view of the back of the quilting, and shows how I decided to hold the Kindle in place. More elastic. It's pretty well held, actually. The bottom left piece could have done with being maybe half a cm to the right. I might eventually fix that, but the elastic end is sewn in under the binding so it'll be a bit of a faff. 

To hold it, the cover bends round back on itself, and the elastic that holds it shut works to hold it open too!

Home-made kindle cover

Yes that's Anna Karenina. It's a free one. And I have to admit I'm struggling with it, because I don't like any of the characters. 

As for the big quilt? Progress is slowly being made. 

Quilt top

Emphasis on the slow...

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