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Starting another year! I've got 3 years of January pictures now. It seems to have gone rather quickly.

Upper lawn 04/01/2011

It isn't exactly looking at it's best, is it? The lawn is rather scruffy. In fact, everything just looks a bit beaten down after the snow. I tied up the cordyline this year, so it won't get so smashed up. It's the time of year that I'm most grateful for the lighter evergreens, like that euonymus in the bottom left corner, and the choisya at the back. 

Lower lawn 04/01/2011

Looks badly in need of a tidy-up!

Concrete 04/01/2011

The concrete is looking less cluttered, if a slightly bad colour. The cold we've had has wrecked two of the terracotta pots, but actually I wasn't using them so it will make it even tidier when we get around to getting rid of them. The lemon tree seems to be surviving in the greenhouse, but there's a long way to go before I'm sure it's going to make it! 

Upper slope 04/01/2011

The upper slope is looking ok, actually. A bit beaten, but mostly covered and plenty of stuff to look at. I might need to trim the ceanothus this year too, just to try and neaten it up a bit. 

path 04/01/2011

One of the few things I've managed to get done is visible on the left side of the arch here. I've bought a grapevine to grow up the arch, and moved a couple of the strawberry plants further out along the path. I've put a lot of daffodils into the space, and I'm thinking I'll probably move a few more strawberry seedlings into the gap that's left once the grapevine gets established. It's a Regent grape vine, which should (in theory) produce sweet edible black grapes. We'll see. 

Veg bed 04/01/2011

The veg patch is still mostly bare. I've tidied up the fence quarter, and I've moved the obelisk into the middle. It wasn't really working for me closer to the fence, I couldn't stop the slugs coming through from next door for my beans, and I just wasn't using it. I think I'm going to try putting something like some comfrey in between the two flagstones, and I'm going for a small patch of asparagus in a strip next to them. A couple of long term plans on the go! 

Terraces 04/01/2011

The terraces just look like a bit of a mess right now. Best ignore them until the daffodils come up I think! 

Compare to last January's photos.

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