12 weeks to go...
Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 22:00
martian77 in Running, training, wdw_marathon

12 weeks today, all being well, I'll have completed the Walt Disney World marathon. I figure I'll do a bit of a weekly training update from here on. 

Last week's training:

I'm pretty pleased with that, I did all four runs and did the distance I was hoping to on each one. More or less, anyway. The Saturday run is done on time more than distance. The last 30 minutes was a bit painful, but that's better than the two hour run I did a couple of weeks ago. Slightly more than a half-marathon. Actually, before I uploaded it said 13.6 miles on my phone. Not quite sure what happens when I upload the GPX file!

Next week's training:

Next week is a light week. Should be easy enough, if my legs have recovered enough for a couple of miles tomorrow. Fingers crossed! 

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