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10 weeks to go...

I meant to post last week, really I did. But last week was not a good running week. 

Two weeks' trainingThe first week was supposed to be a nice, restful week. Low mileage, just a 1 hour run on the Saturday. Well, I missed the Thursday run. I had really, really sore calves, and was just starting to worry about shin splints (yeah, probably hypochondria.) so I skipped and started stretching and so on. Clarkie dug her thumbs in a few times too, with interesting results where I nearly went through the ceiling! I thought I might need to do some miles in slightly more supportive shoes, to give my calves a break on the longer runs, so I tried to do the Saturday run in my Asics. I also mostly felt like staying on the sofa drinking tea.

It did not go well.

I hated the shoes, which felt like they were really squishing my feet. I lost the feeling in my toes after about 10 minutes. The wind was in my face, and the undercliff walk was full. It was extremely demoralising. 

This week started much better. Tuesday's run was awesome in fact. I felt good after my 8 miles. Then Wednesday evening I suddenly went very tired, and Thursday and Friday were spent at home fighting off a sore throat that was threatening to turn into a cold. My long run was supposed to be Saturday, but we went to Hailsham (I've been running on the Cuckoo Trail for these long ones) and Clarkie's mum needed some help shifting stuff and I was feeling a bit under the weather still, so we postponed. 

Today's run was great! Well, for the first 2.5 hours or so. This is a good sign. I've been extending my long runs by 30 minutes at a time, and I seem to die 30 minutes later on each one. My tactic is to try and push the bad miles as far back as possible, and it seems to be working. Only down side is my phone (which is what I've been tracking my runs on with GPS and an android app) died after 2 hours 55. So I think I actually did closer to 15.5 miles, because I kept going for the full 3 hours. Not sure what I'll do on the longer runs I've got planned. 

I should also point out that Clarkie is an absolute trooper, who comes with me on all these long runs on her bike. She carries the refreshments, chats at me, keeps me going when it's got tough and generally makes the long runs possible. Then when we make it back she feeds and waters me, runs a bath or puts me in the shower, and looks after me. There is no way I could do this without her. 

Next week is supposed to look a lot like this week. No Monday run because of the shunt of today's run onto Sunday. I might shift the 8 mile run to Thursday too. We'll see how it goes. Other than the long run, everything else is negotiable!

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