6 weeks to go
Monday, November 28, 2011 at 10:10
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Running 1st-27th November

I can't quite believe it's only 6 weeks to go! How on earth did that happen?

The last four weeks of running have been quite interesting. I did another 15 miles the week after I last blogged, which was difficult. I was fine for about the first 2.5 hours again, but then I got tired. The difference seemed to be that this time it wasn't my legs. My head went for the first time, and I couldn't make myself do it any more. I ran more slowly than the previous week, which really wasn't what I'd been expecting. I came off that week so flat, I didn't even want to think about running for most of the next week, and as you can see I didn't do any. I managed to force myself to go for a run on the Sunday, but it was a bit of an effort. 

It helped though. By the Tuesday I went for my first run home along the seafront in the dark. I was at my desk dreading it, but as soon as I got out of the door I felt great. Turns out it's not quite as far along the top of the cliffs as it is along the undercliff walk, but it's not as flat either (and windier) so I think it cancels out. I've got a new plan for Thursdays too. I now come into work with Clarkie, then turn round and run home and work there all day. That makes the trail running easier than trying to do it in the dark - it's not a good surface, I come close to turning an ankle on it when I can see, so a head torch probably won't cut it. 

The weekend of the 19th-20th we were up in Cambridge. I was supposed to be doing an 18 mile run, but after 13 miles my feet decided to let me know they'd had enough. There didn't seem much point in pushing them further for risk of injury, so we stopped and Dad came to pick me up.

The really strange thing is that bailing out on that run seems to have really made me feel much better about the whole thing. I can't work out why. It's almost like my legs responded to that 13 miles like a weekend off. I felt so much stronger and better this week. It could be that the weekend spent being looked after by my parents and doing almost nothing more than sitting in the sun in their conservatory is what really recharged my batteries, but the run this Saturday felt awesome. I did 16 miles in 3 hours, not the 15.2 or so I did a couple of weeks ago. Ok, the extra 25 minutes felt quite long, and my legs were glad to stop, but I've been in much worse shape after fewer miles. 

It feels like my calves and feet have finally given in. It feels like I can do this now. This week is a rest week, and then there are two more long runs to practice before I taper for the race.

Bring. It. On.

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