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Look! Mittens!

I seriously need to stop underestimating my body's ability to knock my best-laid plans sidewards. The cold didn't shift - or rather it did. To my chest. I got a chest infection. Antibiotics, which upset my digestive system. Lovely combo. Not. So yeah, 2 weeks off running so far. Not good. Still can't do anything much about it though, other than shrug and accept that the marathon is going to be slower than I'd hoped. 

On the bright side, practicing knitting for 29 years (eep) means that even when I'm really quite sick I can still churn through a pattern. Not as fast as normal maybe, but still. 


I've been wanting to make these mittens (the RAGBRAI mittens) for a couple of years now. Took me a while to get there, but I put the wool for them in my Knit Picks order that I was supposed to pick up at Christmas. My mum surprised me by bringing it home in November, but I have a jumper with stranded colourwork on the go at the moment and I was trying not to start these as well. Apparently my defences were down in more ways than one, because I cast on for these almost before I realised.

The original pattern calls for worsted (aran) weight yarn, but makes a 12", man-sized mitten. I have really quite small hands, so I went for sport (5-ply) weight yarn - Telemark, which is good hard-wearing stuff but apparently discontinued. (Was I alone in my love for that wool? Anyway.)

No photos

At least something positive has come out of the last two weeks! 

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