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Whoops, what happened there then? Took the photos on time (well, on the 2nd) so all is well. We seem to have mostly thawed out, but it's been a wet time since.

Upper lawn 2/2/2011

Not so much going on out back yet. The lawn looks a bit mullered still, and everything is still very much dormant. It should be this month that I cut everything back down again.

Lower lawn 2/2/2011

You can just see in this photo that the rose wrapped around the birdtable still has its hips on. This was a bit of an experiment, because I wanted to see what colour they'd go. They've been ok, but I think this year I'll probably go with dead-heading and hoping for more flowers.

Concrete 2/2/2011

The concrete hasn't changed a lot. I am having on-going problems with the bath - for some reason it's not draining, which isn't great. I will have one more attempt I think, then I might have to declare the experiment a failure. It's a real shame, because it really worked well keeping those pots watered last year, but I'm having a lot of teething issues with it. 

Upper slope 2/2/2011

Not a lot showing here. Right now, what, 10 days later, there are loads and loads of snowdrops out either side of the path. They've really bulked up, and they make me smile. Hopefully there should be daffodils coming too. 

Path 2/2/2011

Not a bad view, I think. 

Veg bed 2/2/2011

Some changes in the veg bed. The pigeons seem to have discovered the broccoli, so I've used one of the bags that our kindling came in to cover one of the plants. I really don't think we're going to get a lot of broccoli this year! Another lesson I guess. I've also finished moving the obelisks for this year, and tidied up the fence quarter. I've dug it over and put a load of extra compost in, and I've put some rhubarb in. It's just a bulb at the mo, so I'll have to keep my fingers crossed that it actually comes up. 

Terraces 2/2/2011

The terraces have not really started springing into life yet, but I haven't started really tidying up yet either. So much done, so much still to do! 

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