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It's starting to come back to life out there. 

Upper lawn view 1 March 2011

Not that it particularly shows up in that view! Things are stiring, they are just small and hard to see. Lots of buds swelling on the various trees, bulbs and things starting to poke through. 

Lower lawn 1 March 2011

The ornamental quince is showing quite a lot of flower coming soon. It'll be a lovely bright red. And I chopped back the rose around the birdtable, and the new shoots are showing up bright pink (but you can't pick them out in this picture). The hazel had catkins this year, and I think I can see where I might just get some hazelnuts again. Very exciting. I should really have chopped down all the perennials, but I saw some goldfinches on the rudbeckia relatively recently, so it seemed a shame to cut it back just in case. 

Concrete 1 March 2011

There's so much stuff on the concrete that needs taking to the dump. Plus I need to sort out the yellow tubs to put the new potatoes in again this year. I massively chopped back something in the corner of the teardrop bed (it was from my parents' garden - I'm not sure exactly what it is! I should find out) so more light will get in there this year. Be interesting to see what happens.

Upper slope 1 March 2011

I have started chopping back things on the upper slope. The asters have been chopped back, and the dianthus that were amongst the very first thing I put in have died off. I've added a few new things bought on a recent trip back to Cambridge. A knautia (should be tall), sisyrinchium and a rose campion. The crocus are flowering at the moment, and soon we'll get some daffs too.

Path 1 March 2011 

The strips either side of the path have been absolutely full of snowdrops this year. It's been lovely. They are just going over now, but I'm a bit surprised they aren't more visible. The ornamental currant is just starting to get interesting, and the forsythia is turning yellow. 

Veg bed 1 March 2011

The veg bed has a way to go, but I've put my broad beans out now. They have been sheltering under those 2l bottles, just to get them going. It seems to be working pretty well. There are peas out under the two obelisks in the middle, and soon (tomorrow? Monday probably) I'll have to make a start clearing the slope quarter to get the mange tout out there. The kale has recovered from the catapiller attack and we're getting some meals out of it again, which is nice. I think I prefer the red russian to the curly kale - it's easier to see the things lurking on the red russian's relatively flat leaves! The other thing I've added in the fence quarter is a new rhubarb plant. The one I put in earlier just doesn't seem to be doing anything, so I got a new one with stems so I could see which way up it should go and how deep and so on. 

Terraces 1 March 2011

Look look! A daffodil. And crocus too. Definitely signs of life and Spring. 

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