Over-thought socks
Friday, April 29, 2011 at 20:43
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over-thought sock

These are some of the most over-thought socks I've ever knitted. Seriously. 

Basically since I started running in my minimalist shoes, my feet have bulked up. The toes have spread out a bit, the big toes straightened up a bit, and I've been finding my normal socks a little restrictive. So then I tried a pair of full toe socks, but they had too much material between the four not-big toes. So, since its my big toe that I really like to wriggle, I thought I'd try these split toe ones. 

over-thought sock

I knit my socks from the top down on 4 needles. 64 stitches normally, split 16, 32, 16 over the three needles. I used a heel flap, as I normally do. After the heel I had 31, 32, 31 stitches. Instead of decreasing down the gusset back to 16, I left one extra stitch each side. So 17, 32, 17. Just to give my feet a little extra room. But then I put the ribbing section in, because I didn't want to risk them being loose around the arch. Only a little bit of ribbing though, because I didn't want to tread on the rib section. 

When I got to the toe section, I did the four toe section on both socks first. I left 11 stitches from the bottom needle and 10 stitches from the top needle to make the big toe later, and cast on 4 stitches across the gap (with hindsight, probably should have been 5). The toe decreases normally happen one stitch each side of the end of the needle, and I did that on the top needle. On the bottom needle I moved it in 2 stitches (so on the left foot, 3rd needle, k2, ssk). That was to make the toe box a bit deeper. For the big toe I picked up the 21 stitches I left before, then another 4 across the gap. Knit straight up until it was about long enough, then two rows of k2tog as much as possible.

over-thought sock

The benefits of making my own socks. Getting to totally over-think them. 

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