Compare and contrast
Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 09:26
martian77 in Garden

Every now and again I like to poke around my flickr account, bit like having a flick back through old photo albums. I came across this picture of the front garden, taken on 30th September 2007. 

Two sides

That was before I started doing the monthly shots, but is one of the views I now take. Note our lovely solar lights which later got stolen. Sigh. Oh, and we'd only just started digging out the terraces! (I hadn't replaced my old camera yet either, which is why it looks a bit grainy.)

This shot is part of the monthly collection, taken on 1st October 2010. 3 years almost to the day since that last shot. 

Path 1st Oct 2010

Apparently we've (I include nature in that) been quite busy. 

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