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Yesterday I did the Heroes Run again in Brighton. Having last year made a fairly minimal effort with the costume and felt totally under-dressed, this year I geeked out on superheroes, and decided I could go with a Batgirl costume. But having geeked out, it had to be quite a specific Batgirl costume - that of Cassandra Cain. Superheroes with relatively short dark hair are in relatively short supply, so I decided to overlook the mixed Asian heritage that I don't have, and go with the all-black costume. 

50-My hero

(Photo kindly taken by Clarkie before the run - adding the race number and white shoes didn't help the outfit, and she couldn't come with me to get any action shots.)

I did it, first 4km in full costume, then I ditched the cape and took the headgear off for the next 5km, and put it back on to finish in. I've got some interesting sores from the belt! However, having done the run, I've come to a few conclusions about superhero costumes.

  1. They must be almost permanently dehydrated. That's the only way the difficulty in drinking and going to the loo can be explained. 
  2. Capes are a nuisance. They flap all over the place, in other people's faces and yours. I totally get the super hero costume designer's reluctance to use them in the Incredibles. 
  3. The bat family mostly patrolled at night because it's too darned hot to wear black head gear in the sun. Fortunately it was quite cold and cloudy yesterday, although I could have done with a couple of degrees lower. 

I can't tell you my time because I had a brain fart at the start, failed to start my watch, and didn't notice until I got to 5km. It was very slow though. I would quite like a race where my preparation is not curtailed by illness. If the only one I get is January's marathon, I'll take that, but it's getting a little irritating. Anyone got any great health-boosting meal ideas?! I'm currently averaging 6 portions of fruit and veg every day, and on top of that taking multivitimins with iron. 

The other thing I've discovered is that it's actually rather depressing going to a race like that on your own, running without knowing anyone in the crowd and going straight home. If I run it next year, I need to get a group together, or join a running club, or be slightly stronger with my hints to people that I'd like them to come and watch! 

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