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May photos

A couple of small changes this month. 

Upper lawn 1 May 2011

The obvious one that took us lots of effort is the paving. We'd got fed up of the lawn edging, which worked well but made the mowing a bit harder. So the paving is set to be the same level as the lawn, so we can now just run the mower right over it and get the edge. The other bonus is that I'll be able to use it to get to the birdtable more easily in Winter, and my plants can flop over the edge without as much risk of getting mowed!

Lower lawn 1 May 2011

The other thing that's happened is that everything's come to life! I've cut off the bottom whorl of branches on the greengage which has opened up the back again, and chopped back the clemetis and honeysuckle quite a bit. The area up closest to the house is just past it's best now, but the bugle, epimedium, brunnera and the bleeding heart combine to make a really lovely Spring section. 

Concrete 1 May 2011

We took a huge amount of the junk that had built up on the concrete to the dump a couple of days previous to his photo. It's so much better! The reed bed is working a lot better now too. It's watering three tubs, not overflowing the bath, and the remainder goes down the end of the garden. The potato tubs are back out and the spuds are just beginning to pop through too. Not bad considering I was about a month late putting them out!

Upper slope 1 May 2011

The front has filled out a lot too. The pear tree is leafed up, and I think I've spotted a pear coming too. The rosemary is looking spectacular. 

Across the path 1 May 2011

Looking across the path, the pallet is hiding the fact that the hedge needs trimming! Also, you can't quite see, but the kiwi I put up against the arch is in leaf, and it has a huge number of flower buds on. I'm really hoping that means we might get a couple of kiwis. The grape vine is coming into leaf too - I'm really looking forward to seeing how that will grow!

Veg bed 1 May 2011

The veg patch is starting to fill up. The potatoes are showing well, but the seedlings of parsley and marigold are growing up around them. Time to earth up and kill 'em off! The shallots are growing well, and the peas, mange tout and broad beans are all flowering well and starting to show pods. I cleared out the kale from the terrace quarter and used the compost from two of the potato buckets to mulch it, but ran out halfway! I'll hopefully have a load more when I get into our compost bin out back, so I'll aim to finish it then. Might be able to use the pallet to edge the quarters too, because the soil level is getting a bit high compared to the bricks!

terrace 1 May 2011

The tulips came and went between the two monthly shots, which is a shame because they looked lovely. I've cheated and slotted in some leftover bedding plants in too. The soil in that patch is still mostly chalk, so I figure the roots from those plants can grow into it and that might actually help. Plus I'll aim to water them like the stuff in the pots and that might also help the worms populate that section. You never know, it might just work!

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