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June Photos

Bit late on the write up this month. Whoops!

Upper lawn 2 June 2011

This was right at the end of an exceptionally dry April and May, and the lawn is clearly suffering. The blue salvia under the greengage is looking great though, really enjoying the dryness! That bright pink rose is looking better every year I think. 

Lower lawn 2 June 2011

The reflections weren't great this month, so the downstairs shots are not great. Still, you can see that lovely blue geranium under the foxglove too, so that's worked well this year. I think I might need to chop the hazel back fairly hard this year too, or it's going to start shading things out that I don't want it to. 

Concrete 2 June 2011

I tidied up the concrete a little more, so we could even potentially eat out there if we wanted. The red hot pokers in the teardrop bed are flowering for the first time - I grew them from seed, and it seems to have taken a while for them to outgrow the slugs. The dry weather might well have helped too. The potatoes in the yellow tubs are growing well too, let's hope the potatoes are bulking up underneath!

Upper slope 2 June 2011

The thyme is flowering its socks off out front! The self-sown nigella is looking lovely too. I love the flowers and the seed heads, and I don't think they crowd anything out. They are so light and fluffy!

Path 2 June 2011

Across the path is looking fairly lush, considering the dryness. The other red hot poker in the terraces are slightly behind the ones out back which surprised me. Again though, they are looking better than ever. I think they look like fireworks, and I love the bright colours. Well worth the price of a packet of seed, even if they have taken about 4 years to come good! 

Veg bed 2 June 2011

The veg bed is coming along. I've been watering the potatoes, so hopefully they will be ok even with the early drought. The peas and mange tout have been producing nicely, so that's all good. I'm coming to terms with the fact that my asparagus isn't coming up. I won't try again next year, for various reasons, so I'll have to come up with something else for that patch. I need to fill in that slope quarter a bit more too, but the dwarf beans are getting eaten by slugs in the greenhouse even before I get them outside! Still, the courgettes are out now, so that should help. 

Terraces 2 June 2011

Bad shot of the terraces. You can just see ripe strawberries on the lower right corner. They've produced well this year. Honeyoye (I think). I need to increase the time span by getting some more later strawberry plants. Maybe that's what I should put in the top fence quarter! I'm really enjoying the bedding plants I slotted in there too. A nice splash of colour. I might work on that next year too. 

Lots of things working well, but plenty of could do better too. Too many other things to do! Still, that's a good thing. And there are enough perennial herbs and fruit that will keep producing no matter what I do! Just got to make sure I use them well. Currently we're enjoying strawberries and raspberries, currants coming soon though, so I'd better find some recipes.

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