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New shoes

These here are my Terra Plana Evos. I've run my last 263 miles in these.

Terra plana Evos

I've done a large chunk of road running in them, they did me a good piece of treadmill running over the winter, and most recently I've taken them off road to run home in. I'm really happy with them. They were a bit expensive, but they've worked fine, and I see no reason why I won't get a lot more miles out of them - there's nothing to break unless the top splits or I wear through the soles. 

Off road though they don't work so well. The track I'm running home on is (currently) grass, packed dry mud and flint. I've cycled up it when wet, and my tyres slipped on the grass, so I know once it rains it will be slippery. The oh-so-thin soles aren't great on the flint sticking through the mud. So I kinda treated myself to a new pair of shoes. 

Inov-8 Baregrip 200

These here are a pair of subtly-coloured Inov-8 Bare-grip 200s. I ordered them from the Outdoor Warehouse because they came with a free pair of Injinji crew socks (also pictured!), and they came really quickly. I wore them on my run home this evening. I think they are going to work really rather well actually. Grippy (so I'll have to pick my feet up a bit more), better over the flints, but still very flat. They aren't even uncomfy on the pavement, which is good, because the last mile home is on pavement. I think the tread looks like mountain bike tyres. 

I've come up with a cunning plan. I am going to spend the rest of the summer (at least) trying out the various paths over and around the Downs around the uni, giving myself license to walk as and when, and having faith that if I keep going out and heading up the hills I'll get stronger and stronger and eventually walk less and less. I think it's going to be fun! 

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Great looking shoes and socks, but "running" and "fun" do not belong in the same sentence :)

July 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnnie

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