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Head for the hills

Running home is working out really well. I really didn't think I had enough energy yesterday, but with the last bus now at 4.30 and Clarkie stuck at work (and supposed to be at cricket training if not stuck at work) I really didn't have much option but to get those miles in. And actually, I felt much better for having done it, even if it wasn't the best/fastest run I've ever done. 

I thought I'd post a couple of photos although the quality is shocking. I carry my phone on runs as a 'just in case' thing, and now I'm using it with the GPS to track the runs I'm doing, but the camera on it is quite poor. It didn't help that I didn't want to slow down to less than a walk either! So excuse the quality. Hopefully the essence will come through or something. 


This is the path I'm running on, with foot for scale. Not overly wide, as you can see. The grass also comes with an array of nettles and other lovelies, so I've started wearing slightly longer socks (as shown). Lumps of flint, sudden holes, all a bit twisty and rough. I have to concentrate on it a bit, and my legs and ankles are definitely having to get a bit stronger. 

Still, every now and again I stop watching my feet and admire the view. 

Hazy view

It really didn't look that hazy when I took it. Not sure what's going on there. But the view is worth it. Especially at this time of year as the fields start to change colour. I love the golden colour. There are some big patches of poppies around as well, and the sudden splash of red is lovely. There are rabbits - although I see far fewer than when I'm on my bike, I think they hear me coming - and birds and butterflies too. Really beats pounding pavements at 6am!

The other thing I've started to do is use the treadmill for some interval sessions. I'm really liking the feeling of my stride changing as I speed up, and I'm enjoying seeing how much I can do. Especially as it's more than I thought! So I'm feeling pretty good about the running right now. If I can stay healthy, I really feel like I have a workable plan to get me to that Disney marathon - less than 6 months to go now...

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