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Shhhhh... (Belated July photos)

Whoops! What on earth happened there?! 

I'm going to do a couple of quick posts to catch up on the gardening photos, then maybe I can carry on as though nothing has happened... 

So back to July 1st. 

Upper lawn 1 July 2011

I'm not sure how much I have to say! It's already like looking back at something I only dimly remember. Ah well. The lawn still needs mowing more than we manage, but it is easier to do now. Although the plants down the left are still flopping over the edge at this point. 

Lower lawn 1 July 2011

All a bit of a mess. Exuberant or something...

Concrete 1 July 2011

The concrete's looking reasonably tidy though, so that's good. The iceberg rose and the daylilies are looking good, and all that good lush growth in the pots!

Upper slope 1 July 2011

The upper slope out front is looking pretty lush here too. Very green. There are some splashes of colour going on on the path side of the bed, but green is definitely the main impression. Maybe I should add a bit more colour in there at some point. 

Across the path 1 July 2011

Not as much californian poppy as there used to be, but there's not as much space for it so no surprise! 

Veg bed 1 July 2011

Just starting to lose control of the veg bed - I wondered when that happened!

Terraces 1 July 2011

The curry plant has really got a little bit too large now. It's great when it's flowering like this, but for the rest of the year it's just causing problems. I might see if I can take some cuttings and start again with it! 

So. Not very verbose, but that's the July photos! Last year's are here.


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