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Suddenly September

And I'm all caught up with myself! 

Upper lawn 2 Sept 2011

This is when I start to appreciate that some flowers are much longer lived than others. The purple monarda has been flowering hard for over a month now, and the rudbeckia is probably at its peak. But the white just in front of the hazel has also been doing its thing for a while now - it's an astrantia, and for some reason I can never remember that when someone asks. The nasturtiums have come back again, and soon it will be time to make more pesto. Yay!

Lower lawn 2 Sept 2011

This is a good time of year for this garden. 

Concrete 2 Sept 2011

The concrete has actually stayed reasonably tidy, although there's a box of junk appeared that needs getting rid of. That streak of orange is from a leak in the exit pipe of the reed bed. I think I've fixed it now, but the colour is going to take a while to disappear. The potatoes have now been harvested. There are some tiny little chard plants in two of the pots at the moment. I need to decide what to put in the third! Also loving the pink in the tub next to the shed. Those are two pelargoniums that I bought at half price. I'm going to try and take some cuttings this weekend, so I have more for next year. 

Upper slope 2 Sept 2011

The upper slope continues to look pretty good. The verbena has grown well, and really works with the japanese anemone at the back there. That's an amazing plant. It's a bit that my Dad brought down two years ago, and I dumped it in and forgot about it. Well worth the garden space, it seems to flower for ages! The sedum is about to come out too, lots of pinks and purples. 

Path 2 Sept 2011

The view across the path is just starting to look a little autumnal. My grape vine hasn't quite grown the way I thought it would, but the leaves are a beautiful shade of red at the moment. The ornamental currant is starting to drop currants all over the path in spite of the blackbird's best efforts at eating them. 

Veg bed 2 Sept 2011

I started trying to claw back the veg bed from the weeds when I harvested my shallots (which were better than last year, but still room for improvement). The fence quarter is now mostly weed free, and has a row of late strawberries planted for next year. I've been really impressed with how well the rhubarb has done, and can't wait to try some next spring. I cut back my curry plant and used the trimmings as a mulch on that quarter, just to try and keep the weeds at bay. I really need to dig up the spuds in the terrace quarter - the tops have died back already!

Terraces 2 Sept 2011

I'm really glad I put the lobelia into that bottom terrace this year. It's a particularly bad patch of soil, but in spite of top dressing it a few times I've never seen any evidence of worms. With the addition of the cover of the lobelia, suddenly there are worm casts appearing! There is hope! Plus they look nicer that the patch of bare soil that would have been there otherwise. The rudbeckia there seems to have bulked up a lot too. Not that many more flowers to show for it this year, but it does look a lot healthier than when I first put it in! 

So not bad. I've had my first harvest of pears too (although that tree never shows up in these photos because it's right against the house). Tasty. Very tasty. See last year here.

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