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A pause

In posting, clearly! I got another sinus infection this week. First for a couple of months though, and I've been happily running and riding a lot until this week. Even now, the infection stayed put in my sinuses, and I don't have a cough or streaming nose (although interestingly I was still left totally unable to concentrate - apparently that isn't mucus-related!). 

But actually, I meant in the buying of stuff. Earlier I was noodling around on Twitter (as I do far too frequently), when Adam Greenfield made one of his infrequent entrances and we had the following discussion: 

His challenge was to make 2013 a "buy nothing" year. My reaction (other than a bit of quibbling as I thought this through) was "no way I could do that". Since that's the kind of reasoning that got me into running marathons, this was never going to end well

So, next year, I'm going to try and buy as little as I can. Naturally, there will be exceptions. I've had a preliminary stab, and here's the list I'm going to start with:

  1. Food and drink. This includes random coffees, snacks, meals out etc. 
  2. Tickets for things. Gigs, visits, etc. This isn't about staying in and saving all my cash for a year.
  3. Work stuff. Mostly, I anticipate this is going to be posters and the like.
  4. Replacement stuff, when things break/wear out. For example, my running shoes are going to hit 500 miles sometime around the middle of next year I reckon. They may be fine, they may need replacing.
  5. Presents for other people. Come on, I can't not buy presents. Although I am trying to find non-physical ways to do this. No point just generating clutter for other people!
  6. Stuff to finish projects (zips, thread, buttons etc.) Note that this does not include stuff to start new projects. Time to use up the stash. I have more than enough wool for a year of knitting and sewing (although I may cheat and buy myself one projects' worth before January). 
  7. Kindle fun reading - but only once I've read the unread books that are around. I know there's a few. Actually, at the moment I'm rereading a Kindle book because I couldn't decide which sample I wanted (and Robert Penn is right - it is all about the bike).

This ties in really nicely with my decluttering kick at the moment. I waste so much time looking at stuff I could buy, and hopefully that will cut that out too. Really, I have more than all the stuff I need (I think I have 30 short-sleeved t-shirts for goodness sake! I could wear one a day for a month, and that's not even starting to look at the long sleeved, the running tops, the vests...). I also think I have built in quite a lot of leeway in my rules, so I hope I don't just "justify" my purchases. 

It's going to be a challenge, but I think it's one worth trying. January, bring it on!


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Reader Comments (2)

Have you seen the 100 Things project? Oh, and what about wine? V important. You might want to include travel as well.

November 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJo Donkin

I haven't, because I've been shying away from any numerical count of stuff (t-shirts non-withstanding!). Looks like an interesting blog if you get away from the figure of 100! Wine is counted in "food and drink", and travel is counted in "tickets for things" - they were in my mental list, but I should have made it explicit.

November 23, 2012 | Registered Commentermartian77

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