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Quilting Bee Round 1

Knitting is turning into something of a gateway drug, with people from the Wednesday knitters trying all sorts of different crafts. Quilting has been popular with a few of us for a while, so someone (Kate) thought what we all really needed was to start a quilting bee. Six of us have signed up, and we've decided to make two 8" squares per fortnight, each taking it in turns to come up with a theme.

Here are my first two completed squares:
12 Feb 2012 13:26

Peri’s theme was:
"I'd be happy with most things as long as they are not twee! I do like the traditional patterns like See-Saw, Tumbling Blocks, Crown of Jewels, Mariners Star but I also like appliqué and crazy patchwork (the crazier the better).

Colour: Colourwise I like depth of contrast not wishy washy or pastel so as long as it falls into that then I am not fussed really (not keen on pink though)."

So. 64 triangles into 32 squares into 16 rectangles into 8 strips into 4 rectangles into 2 squares later... Preparation is definitely key with patchwork. I took my time making the triangles, and ironed the seams regularly throughout the process. The further I got from the initial triangles the more my mistakes mount up.

Also, I need to add seam allowance for all of the seams. Sounds obvious, but I made 2.5" triangles to give me a 1/4" seam allowance on the squares, but forgot to allow for the diagonal seam. D'oh! Hence the seams are much tighter than they ought to be, and there was much less chance to compensate for errors. The squares are barely over the 8" mark, meaning Peri gets almost no seam allowance to work with.

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