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Quilting Bee Round 2

This time the difficult bit was not the cutting and sewing, but the choosing of fabric. 

Quilting bee round 2

This was for Emma. She wanted:

"Basically, I would like everybody to help finish (well, start, tbh) a quilt I've had in mind for a few months. I bought a charm pack of the Moda Sherbet Pips fabric and I want to make simple quilt just using squares. Here's a pic of the collection: http://www.fabricdonkey.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Sherbet-Pips-Moda-Aneela-Hoey.jpg

So, what I would like is for peeps to make a square made up of four smaller 4x4" squares in colours that co-ordinate with what I've already got. So, that's pale and dark pink, powder blue, grey, white and red in plains, patterns or whatever people have around."

She gave us all a square to match from her set. Mine is the light grey with the orangey-red squares on. These are not colours I use a lot, and my meagre fabric stash had only one thing that might be appropriate - the solid brick red colour. It pretty much goes with the red on the sample square, so I'm hopeful. The other two fabrics are from fat quarters I had to go and buy specifically. I think they work. Fingers crossed. Plus I rather like them, so they will probably pop up in other squares I do for the bee. 

I did try hard to get the four squares to meet in the middle, and I think I did ok on that. I definitely gave myself enough for the 1/4" seam this time! 

My theme is next. Really looking forward to seeing what I get back.

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