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I just ran home, along the path up the side of the fields, through the ankle-deep, semi-frozen snow. 


I'm not sure I recognise this person. I seem to be determined at the moment to get out there whatever the weather, to prove to myself that it's just not that big a deal. It's certainly challenging my body, but I am finding that it's not as bad as it looks most of the time. Strange. 

This was a slow run though. Much walking, particularly up the field sections. That meant I was better able to admire the view, if nothing else. 

View across the South Downs

Out towards Lewes. The sun was actually setting behind me when I took this. 

Across the fields to Brighton

Further up the hill, looking down towards Brighton. It looks so black. According to friends who live in the middle it didn't snow there at all, which is probably adding to the contrast. 

It was actually quite fun though. The wind was cold, but I was wearing a windproof. My shoes are wet (I was wearing my inov8 bare grips - I love those shoes for off road) but I didn't really notice. When I got to the flatter bits I discovered that if I walked right I could walk/run on top of the snow without breaking through. 

Tread softly

The footprint on the left is mine, the one on the right was already there but shows how deep it was. When I made it back to the paved section the pavement was still very icy, but if I employed the same technique (bent knees, very small steps, no pushing off) I didn't slip. I think a lot of this would teach very good barefoot form. I'm not sure I'll try the experiment again though. Thursday I plan to run again, but into town. Should be much easier. 

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