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iPad cozy

Another project that finally got finished over the Easter weekend!

iPad case

I bought an iPad at Christmas. I have justified it by using it lots for work. I think best when I'm scribbling and that normally results in pages and pages of scrawl. I now do that using a stylus in Note Taker HD, and can save and tag my scrawls so that at least I can find them again later when I want to know why I did something! I also use Goodreader for my PDFs, have it synced to dropbox and Ravelry so I can now get hold of my papers or knitting patterns and don't need to print them out and lose them. It's working well. 

One side effect of that is that I no longer want to leave my 'notepad' at work overnight when I run home. That's fine - picked up a small Haglofs Ace - 5l capacity, and routing for a hydration pack. So that means my iPad is being bounced along right up against 1.5l of water. Didn't seem entirely sensible if I'm honest. So I made it a cozy and bought a drybag. The cozy protects (minimally) against bumps and rubbing, while the drybag protects from disaster.

The cozy was made from some more of that upholstry fabric haul - a slightly metallic orange this time. Lined with my normal cotton quilt batting, and then some lovely green patterned fabric from my stash. More accurately, from my mum's stash that I liberated. I put the E on it just to see if I could, really. Machine quilted, then just folded in half, stitched up the sides, added the binding (extra strength) and finally added the velcro this weekend.

Velcro not poppers or buttons? Yes. What I've found is that any lump or bump on a bag (e.g. the bolts on my panniers) will rub against what's moving around inside and cause friction marks at best and nasty gashes at worst. So I went with the velcro because it will be flat and flex. I don't think the iPad can move inside the bag, but the bag will move against whatever else is in with it (glasses case, wallet, inhaler...) so it just made more sense. The two sets of velcro are at 90 degrees to each other to allow me to be less precise, if I'm honest.

The set up has been working well without the velcro for a while now. Quick, useful, and fun! 

iPad case

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