Quilting Bee Round 4
Monday, April 9, 2012 at 20:10
martian77 in Sewing, quilting, quilting_bee

I know, I've skipped round 3. Round 3 was mine, and I haven't done it yet. I know. But I'm kind of still waiting for 2 squares, and then I'll see what I need to fill in. I have a vague plan for what to do with them - but it can wait!

Round 4 was Kate. She asked for: 

"Colours:  Autumnal Colours

Ideally based around brown, green, orange, red, burgundy, yellow (though I'm not a big fan of yellow so ideally not as more than an accent please!). Happy to donate fabric, I have loads of these sorts of colours in scraps if you don't have any - just let me know & I'll bring along. 

Theme: Anything so long as it involves 1 or more hexagons."

So. I checked my stash, and found two possible Autumnal colours. I'm finding that my fabric stash is really slightly inadequate for this! On this occasion, I went with just being slightly more restricted in my colours and more inventive with my pattern. 

Quilted sqaure

I went with paper piecing for this. I've never done it before (reason 1) and I needed quite a lot of accuracy for the pattern to work (reason 2). It worked quite well, but there are a couple of lessons learnt. The beige is not a terribly stable fabric, and I just didn't quite leave enough for the seams (sorry Kate!). I really need to give the finished square an iron - the seams are not lying well at the moment, and it looks a bit bumpy. I'm pleased with the outcome though. 

Quilted square

The papers (on the floor) are not the standard hexagon! I have a set of those on the go too (from my birthday), I shall need to get back to that next.

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