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The fall and rise of a bathroom - part 2

Only the end of day one, but much has changed. Fingers crossed it will keep moving at that pace!

I've tried to take the same shots as yesterday:

bathroom shower

The shower is still there. No more dolphins though. 

Bathroom sink

The sink was put back in last night so we could wash. There's an interesting line in the brickwork just next to it, that I'll come back to in a mo. 

bathroom toilet

The toilet was also put back at the end of yesterday. For which I was intensely grateful. That's our only loo, and I'd been there all day without it. 

The line in the brickwork and the studwork in the sloping wall behind the loo tally with something the plumber had suggested but we hadn't guessed. The loo used to be in a seperate tiny room. It would have been rotated 180 degrees from where it is now, and had the door in through that studwork. Amazing what you find out about your house when you rip it apart. 

Sadly, not all of it was great news. 

Missing floorboard

We appear to be missing a floorboard under what was the shower and will be the bath. 

Hole to kitchen

This is a hole straight through to the kitchen below. 

Exposed pipes

And these pipes should have been covered before the tiles went on over the top. Ho hum. 

At least the bath's arrived. We've tested, and it's big enough for us.


It's Clarkie's turn to stay home today. Let's hope it's a little less noisy. 

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