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The fall and rise of a bathroom - part 3

Just the three photos today. 

Bathroom shower/bath

The most exciting development is that calling this room our bathroom is no longer a misnomer! We have a bath! Shower still there too, of course. That is a steel bath, because the plumber says they are sturdier for shower use. Also it's a little shorter than normal, because the room just isn't quite wide enough for a normal size one. Fortunately we are also a little shorter than normal, so it should be just fine. 

Bathroom sink

However, we now have no sink. The towel and bag are blocking the tops of the pipes for one, but currently there is no sink in situ. On the bright side, all the random pipes that were along that wall have now disappeared under the floorboards, so we will no longer have an odd little shelf under there for dust to cover. We'll have to put the bathroom cleaner somewhere else in future!

Bathroom toilet

Almost no change at the toilet end. 

Apparently today is plastering day, so that'll be exciting! Who knows, maybe it's lights day too? It's the first day neither of us was home to let them in this morning, so hopefully they've made a start and it's all going smoothly. I'll find out later. Also, for anyone who may be getting concerned about the way I smell I showered twice yesterday: once after cycling in, and once at the gym after running. Hopefully not too stinky yet.

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