The fall and rise of a bathroom - part 5
Friday, June 22, 2012 at 14:00
martian77 in House, bathroom

Progress feels like it's slowed right down now, but that's just because it's slower to make something than to pull it apart. Yesterday when the plumbers left there was plaster on two of the walls. We will have smooth, lovely, untiled walls! That's actually a pretty big part of why I wanted to get this done, so I guess this counts as pretty big progress after all.

Bathroom shower/bath

Of course, you can't see them here. That wall will be tiled. The wall on the right is plastered up to round about where the tiling will begin and the shower screen will be going, it's just not in shot. 

Bathroom sink

There's a lovely smooth wall! Again, the end that's still plasterboard will be tiled, and presumably that edge of the window too. The sink remains conspicuous in its absence. 

Bathroom toilet

Our lovely new miniature boxed-in section is now plastered. The bit of plasterboard on the sloping section is covered in something that looks like undercoating for later plaster. So progress is still definitely happening. Oh yes. 

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