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The fall and rise of a bathroom - part 6

We went to visit the nice, shiny, completed bathrooms at my parents' house over the weekend, and progress on Friday consisted of completing a small but intricate piece of plastering. That's important, but doesn't look amazing in photos, so we'll start again with what it looked like this morning. 

bathroom shower/bath

We have some tiles! Those are 25x20cm, and fairly obviously plain white. Nothing fussy here, thanks. The brick pattern looks good though, huh?

bathroom sink

White paint on the walls! Obviously still no sink, and the tiles need to keep coming around that corner, but definite progress. There will also be a couple of tiles as a splash-back behind the sink. 

bathroom toilet

More lovely white paint behind the toilet. That curve that you can't really see between the sloped bit and the window is the small-but-intricate bit of plastering. Behind the toilet is apparently also going to be tiled. 

The other exciting thing that happened yesterday is that the electrician came. 

bathroom light

We now have four shiny new bathroom lights (as opposed to the lights that weren't really meant for bathrooms at all and only 2 of the 4 worked). The pull chord there is for a new extractor fan too. Previously (the square hole in the plaster) that was for the electric shower - I'm guessing they've changed everything out from that though. In the past there was just a hole in the ceiling, so I'm hoping that this will really help to keep the moisture down. 

We're getting there. Slowly but surely. 

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