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The fall and rise of a bathroom - part 7

It feels like we're getting close now. Which is good, because it's supposed to be finished by the weekend!

bathroom shower/bath

The tiling is done bar the grouting we think. Nice and neat on the sloping bit at the top. Also nice and neat around the shower (not that you can see it from there). The exposed pipes are now hidden under plaster and tiles this time, rather than just tiles. 

bathroom sink

No sink, and no tiles along the back of it! But the tiling continues rather nicely around the edge of the window. 

bathroom toilet

The top of the section behind the loo has been tiled. I think he said he was going to do behind the loo too, which obviously hasn't been done yet. Not sure why. Maybe he ran out of time (there are a few fiddly bits in the tiling he did yesterday after all) or maybe he's waiting to put the floor down and get the toilet level right. I'm sort of assuming that the floor is why we don't have a sink yet too. The ceiling was patched yesterday, so who knows? Maybe today. 

I'm getting the hang of using the bath post-run/cycle for a sluice off, but still doing most of my washing in the shower at uni. Looking forward to getting our shower back. It's going to be gleamingly white when it's done. Must pick up some bubble bath... 

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