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The fall and rise of a bathroom - part 8

The photos aren't as light today. My camera has decided it doesn't need the flash any more so obviously the room is lighter, it just doesn't look it in the photos. 

Bathroom bath/shower

The grouting has been done. The brick effect is now much more subtle. A second coat of paint has gone on too, so it's starting to look a lot more finished. And look! A towel rail...

bathroom towel rail

We wanted to replace the tiny, slightly rusty radiator and have nice warm towels. It still needs plumbing in, but this looks just about right. Especially as the door now won't hit it (the previous towel rail was behind the door).

bathroom fan

This is another one of those photos that will look completely mundane to everyone else. That is the cover on the extractor fan. We have had a hole in our ceiling for nearly 6 years now, and that cover finally hides it. Fabulous. 

bathroom sink

Still no sink. There is a little bit of a gap along the edge of the tiles that I'm hoping the plumber is intending to fill - it's just because the wall isn't 100% flat in spite of the plasterboard and freshly plastered walls. 

bathroom toilet

The bit behind the toilet has now been tiled as well. It's looking like a room again. 

It's all rather gleamingly white and chrome at the moment. Which I really like, but I'm glad we've gone for a darker floor. Packets of the flooring have appeared, so maybe that will be done today? I've been quite enjoying the bath in the evenings already, so I can't wait to get it all finished. I know Clarkie is desperate to get all the stuff back in the right place too, so let's hope they finish on time. 

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