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The rise and fall of a bathroom - part 9

So close. Get this: last night I had a shower at home. Oh yes. Very close now. 

bathroom shower/bath

The shower is back on the wall. The shower screen is up. The bath panel is in place, and you can just see the flooring too. I had a shower last night and it no longer shudders and whines when it's turned on either. Yay!

bathroom towel rail

The towel rail is now plumbed in. I really like that they put chrome legs on it - I was worrying that it would be copper. Also look how neat those holes are. That's a better shot of the floor too. We didn't specify extending the offset pattern to the floor, but I'm very glad they did. It's the same flooring as we put down in my kitchen in Haddenham, and after nearly 2 weeks of grotty floorboards it feels lovely. And we have skirting boards without extra grooves in them to collect dust! I'm so pleased. 

bathroom sink

The sink is in the room! Not plumbed in yet (which is why the toothbrush is still on the end of the bath). But still. 

bathroom toilet

Toilet end has not changed much since yesterday other than the flooring.

Really nearly finished. It'll be nice to pull everything back together. We've treated ourselves to a matching towel set and everything. 

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