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Tonight is the first time we've been home on a late, sunny summer's evening this year.

I went out to water the back garden. It is covered with bindweed, and I need to re-attach a very thorny rose to the bird table before I can do anything about it.

I went to water the front garden. I stood on the edge of the veg (ha! No veg in it at the mo) garden, and all I could hear was the sound of snails munching. All I could see was weeds.

Was I down-hearted? Honestly? Yes. It's been that kind of summer, frankly. In the bright side, I found what I guess are probably toads - one out back, the other out front. I've just looked back at my garden overview, and it still looks much more vibrant than the flat lawn we started from. I think I just have to accept this hasn't been the best gardening year, grapple with the rose, give the bindweed my best shot, and try to get it semi-presentable for the knitters' BBQ this weekend...

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