A change to the wardrobe
Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 21:10
martian77 in Sewing, skirt

I've been thinking recently about maybe expanding my wardrobe to include a couple of simple skirts. I'm pretty sure there's nothing in the lesbian handbook that rules it out, and I have at least two pairs of shoes that would work with a skirt. It's all well and good wearing shorts, but it doesn't help with the not-looking-like-a-12-year-old-boy thing.

Then I found (somehow, can't think how) a tutorial for making an a-line skirt. And I had some fabric I bought in Ikea that I thought could work. Then we went to visit my parents, and Mum gave me some fabric she'd found in a cupboard that would make a perfect lining. I did think about trying to get a zip, but then I figured I could just put it on over my head.

The tutorial includes making your own pattern. I used a sheet of newspaper. I used 8.5" at the top, 17" at the bottom, and a length of 19". It worked pretty well. The top measurement might be a 0.5" (or maybe even just 0.25") too big, but the skirt stays up.

Silly skirt

So, ok, white hippos may not entirely be sending out an entirely mature image. Still, I'm quite pleased with that. I've found a slightly different tutorial to try, so there could well be another one on the way soon... (Maybe in some slightly more sober fabric next time!)

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