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Friday, August 10, 2012 at 09:32
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We have a wedding to go to at the weekend, and much to my surprise I've been organised and got an outfit (a dress no less), shoes, and even a matching bracelet and earings set for it. What I suddenly realised - last week, so not all that last minute for me - is that I don't have a bag, and smart clothes rarely look so smart if you have to carry wallet, camera and phone in pockets. 

Now, thanks to a blog post by Rands on what he looks for in a good bag, I did some obsessing about bags around Christmas. I even found this site (Leif Labs), where a guy talks about how he designs and makes bags. I didn't think it sounded so hard, but Clarkie rightly pointed out that I have one or two things on the go and should probably not start bag making. Plus I don't really think my sewing machine is up to the kind of heavy-duty fabrics I'd really like to use, so I shelved that idea. Until now, when suddenly it reared up again. I mean, how hard could a small bag be to make? A hanging liner (as used by Leif Labs) is just a second bag made out of a liner material...

But no. I resisted. I went on Etsy and found what looked like the perfect bag. I ummed and ahhed over the price for a day or two, then bought it. And as the "thank you for your order" page came up, I saw the note at the bottom: "This order may take up to two weeks."

Eep, thought I. It's one week to the wedding. 

So yeah. Guess what? I ended up making one anyway. I dragged Clarkie into a fabric shop with me on Wednesday night while we were waiting for some friends, and she found the perfect fabric in the remnants pile. Quite thick, cotton, black with a wide pinstripe. More than enough for a small bag at £3.60. I nicked the strap from a bright orange small bag that I never use, and the red hippo fabric for the liner. 

Bag open

I haven't quite finished, it needs another snap and the ends tidying up. But it's more or less there. I fitted it to my glasses, wallet and phone, with enough space for my camera as well. I'm pretty pleased. That should work just fine at the weekend, and not bad for 2-3 hours of work. 

Bag closed

I'm still not starting that rucksack project though...

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