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Reading later - update

Not to put too fine a point on it, the plan I had didn't work. For whatever reason, that Instapaper RSS feed doesn't want to show new items in my Google Reader. Plus even the links it did have I had to read them on the websites that the article appeared on, which generally just isn't as nice an experience as reading it in Instapaper. 

Instead I just paid my £2.99 (or whatever - a tiny amount considering the service I get from Instapaper), followed the instructions for installing a "read later" button on the iPad version of Safari, and now I have a very workable solution. I stick to my lunchtime routine of reading my feeds first, but as I seldom have enough reading to fill the time I spend eating my lunch I then open Instapaper and read those. The interface is lovely for reading from - more like the iPad kindle app than anything else. 

What I haven't done is directly hooked my twitter app to Instapaper. I just open the link in Safari and save that way. I use the free version of Echofon, and although the pro version apparently supports linking directly I balked at the extra £2.99 or so! I have connected Instapaper to Evernote - which just means that Instapaper emails the article to my Evernote account. Nice use of the inbuilt features there. No strong ties to an API, just keeping it simple. 

Once I've read an article I then either delete it (most), archive it (some), or send it to Evernote and delete it (a few). Keeps things simple. I'm mostly (but not always) reading the oldest first. And sometimes I look at them and decide I'm just not actually all that interested at all and delete without reading. 

So, I did find a solution, and it's working nicely. It just wasn't the one I first thought of! 

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