Snow day
Friday, January 18, 2013 at 17:01
martian77 in Garden, General, snow

It happens about once per winter I guess, when we suddenly get enough snow to cause chaos. Today was the day for Winter 2013 (hopefully). As I didn't have any pressing need to be in uni today, I downloaded a load of papers to read yesterday, and stayed home (after a short run at 9). 

However, as I am a geek, I took hourly photos. I tried to embed the slideshow, but it's a little big. You can see it here though!

I'm sort of hoping it will have miraculously cleared enough overnight that we can get to parkrun over in Hove tomorrow, but since they still aren't sending any buses up our road I guess I'm probably not going to get there. Maybe I'll just have to test out my yaktrax around here instead!


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