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Snow run

Warning, this is going to be quite a picture-heavy post. Not me running this time. Clarkie's turn to be putting in some long miles. I'm not due for mine until Tuesday! 

Running in the snow

This was Rottingdean on the way out. She was supposed to do 10 miles. Normally speaking, we'd do 6 miles out (2 miles downhill through Rottingdean to the sea front, 4 miles of flat along the front) then 4 miles back and get the bus back up the hill. Sadly, the bus wasn't running today. I'm honestly not sure why, the road was clear of snow and it was no worse than a rainy day. However, this meant we just went out for nearly 5 miles along the undercliff walk (which wasn't snowy at all), then turned around and came back along the top once we got past the marina (9.5 miles in total). Clarkie used our set of Yaktrax walkers to get through the worst of the snowy stuff, although she's not sure they were completely comfy for that length of time they were pretty good. 


Brighton is looking kind of pretty. This was just past the turn around.


Roedean, the girls' boarding school.

Kipling Gardens

Rottingdean church

Kipling gardens and the church back in Rottingdean again.

I accompanied by bike (I have to cycle back whether the buses are running or not!). I love my bike and how well it just copes.


I did have gloves on, I'd taken one off to fish the camera out of my pocket. I was extremely warm in that lot, too warm getting back up the hill!

So maybe snow isn't so bad after all. Maybe I'll have to try and remember that in future, and just enjoy the extra light. Maybe...



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