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Half way there

Last weekend I completed the 8th week of my 16 week plan. I skipped most of the fourth week, which was a bit of a cut back week and I had a bit of a cold. Other than that I've managed to get a lot of the miles done. I am discovering that I loathe intervals, so I may decide to swap them out for hill running (which in fairness I'm also not fond of) for the rest of the training plan.

Maybe. I keep believing maybe next time will be the time it clicks, but it hasn't happened yet and they are mostly just leaving me demoralised. 

I don't really want to comment on how well it's going. It was the end of November when everything fell apart last time, and although I know brain-wise that saying things about it can't possibly have any effect, heart-wise I just don't want to tempt fate. But that in itself tells you it's going pretty well so I may just as well get on with it. I did a 16.8 mile run in 2 hours 35 two Saturday's ago, and the big 10 mile tempo run was last Thursday, and I did it in 1 hour 24. If I can get through the next eight weeks without picking up a cold or bug of some description - which I think would be a record of some kind for me - I am in with a shout of a decent marathon run. 

My 'flu jab is booked for Wednesday. If you have a cold, you'll have to excuse me backing away with my hankerchief over my face. 

Clarkie's training for the half marathon has also ramped up, as she's determined not to run out of steam after 10 miles or so on this one. So for now our household activities seem to be reduced mainly to eating (lots), sleeping, working, running and washing (us and our clothes). It could be worse. 

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