Batgirl runs again
Saturday, November 2, 2013 at 21:21
martian77 in Running, fancy dress, parkrun

Today was the 6th birthday run for Brighton and Hove parkrun. We haven't been going to parkrun much recently - marathon miles kind of take precedence - but I've got a study on tomorrow so I'm holding off on my long run until Monday. The birthday runs are an optional fancy dress, so I thought I'd revive the Batgirl costume I wore for the last Hero's Run I managed to get to.


It was even warmer than I remembered, with every hot exhale getting circulated around inside that headgear. I was extremely sweaty by the end. I managed to keep it on for the full 5k though, and on the first lap on the way past the playground I heard one of the kids saying "Mummy, Mummy! I saw Batman!".

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