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Picking up the pieces

The problem when I've had a very busy period is that I find they need a recovery period afterwards. I need to find all the things I ditched as being not immediately useful or relevant, and try and get them back under some sort of control. 

In some ways it's interesting looking at what got dropped, and what order they got dropped in! As best I can work out, anyway. It seems like the very first thing to go was my university blog. I was happily bumbling along giving weekly updates, and then suddenly I wasn't. That's fine, I was mostly doing them to give myself a sense of progress. Clearly I didn't need it any more. The question is whether I start doing them again or not? I'm not sure yet. 

Next on the list was this blog. Now part of that was that I didn't want to think on the weekends. The other part was that I wanted to blog our Berlin trip first, and somehow didn't feel up to it, and then everything else got put on hold behind it. Silly really, but it happens. Clearly I've blasted through that particular block now, so this is back on.

Cleaning hit the discard pile a few weeks back, sadly. I'd got into a nice routine where the kitchen and bathroom got deep cleaned on alternate weeks, and shallow cleaned on the other. Then they both just got a shallow clean. Then they got a wipe occasionally... Then Clarkie had to do them. On top of the cleaning she normally does. That's ok, for a really short while, and I take up the slack sometimes when she's got too much on. But not ok for the long term. So that is clearly back on my to do list.

I'd sort of got my email under control, then suddenly not so much. I went through it all yesterday, and was slightly startled by the number of read emails I had no memory of. If you think I owe you one, sorry, please try again now!

I had built up a nice little 10 minute mediation practise on a lunch time. That went, but fairly late - post-CHI. So the thing I was trying to turn into a habit to help in times of stress got ditched when times reached their most stressful. Go figure. I feel like I should try to get that going again, but it's taking more effort than the other stuff.

Sadly over the last couple of weeks running went too. Now that was more of a side effect of the cold I had; I couldn't run! I can't wait to get back at it, and hope to later today. Cycling also went, but that came back slightly earlier - as soon as I felt close to well enough. Granted it was very slow cycling, but that's better than nothing.

So what didn't change? Personal hygiene, you'll be glad to hear, remained right at the top of my priorities! A no-shower day is a very bad day indeed. Eating got a bit reduced (yes, I seem to have lost a little more weight - which is bad, actually) and main meals featured a lot of pasta, but at least 3 meals a day were consumed. And strangely, my lunchtime blog catch-up didn't go away. A little mental downtime seemed to help quite a lot, so that stayed. And my buy-nothing challenge was just fine! I still knitted, but switched to a more straight-forward project (plain stocking stitch) in the end, and did some other making-stuff sessions on the weekend (but very quick and simple ones). 

Hopefully I can get and keep things ticking again for a bit now. Bit worried I might swing back too hard the other way, but fingers crossed balance will be restored soon!

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