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I have this photo on the wall in my study. A photo taken 40 years and a couple of weeks ago, of my parents.

Wedding photo

Please excuse the grubby glass, it's been on my wall for a while now. Turns out I should clean it, huh?

Dad was an undergraduate at Queens' College when they met. Mum was at Homerton. Dad is 6 months older than Mum, and 2" taller. In the top photo Mum was still just 21, while Dad had reached the heady heights of 22. They'd both just started jobs in London and had to be back at work on the Monday.  

A couple of weeks ago, 40 years later to the day, they treated a select band of friends and relatives to lunch in Queens'. Clarkie took photos, I caught up with people (like my godmother) who I haven't seen for years. 


That's a partial group, in the garden at home. 


A posh meal, with my brother in the distance at the head of the table. That would leave me at the foot. He gave a speech and everything. 


The latest challenge for my parents is going to be coping with both of them being retired. I'm sure they'll work it out. They have 40 years of practice now, that has to count for something. 


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