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New Home

I'm not sure where the time has gone. I blinked, and suddenly it's a whole new year and we have a new house.


The last few months I seem to have been functioning, but I can't really say what I've been doing exactly. Life has been rather hectic, but I think a big part of my inactivity has to be traced to post-thesis recovery. I remember after finishing my MSc that I started to feel human again a few months later. The hangover from the PhD (and it's not been examined yet, so I'm not totally done) seems to be quite strong.

Which isn't to say it's not been a lovely few months, with friends and visits and new stuff galore. And the most recent thing is the lovely, shiny new house that we moved into on December 12th. We're not unpacked yet, nowhere near tidy, but it feels warm and cozy and lovely. We have a lovely conservatory that I can sit in and ponder the patch of mud out back and plan what I'm going to do with it this time.


Granted, we are still living on a building site with builders turning up at 7.30 every morning on the dot. There's mud everywhere on all the roads (what there are at the moment) and no-one can find us because Google Maps includes all the estate roads (even those that aren't built) and our postcode doesn't pinpoint us yet. We have no phone line, and no date when we might get a phone line and therefore no broadband. Still, it's a really lovely house. 

We keep looking at each other and trying to work out how we managed to get here. I guess there's a whole lot of work and luck and hope and planning that we're forgetting, but it feels pretty amazing. This isn't the worst time of year to reflect on that, I guess.

Can't promise that posts will be more regular yet -  as I said we have no internet connection yet, which makes it more difficult. (I also seem to have accidentally and irretrievably deleted my last post from August. User error.) But the intention to post more is there, and that's something. 


UPDATE: Clarkie saved my last post via Google's cache. Hurrah! 

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