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Saturday, October 17, 2015 at 19:02
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Having posted that I was back on the run and loving it, I had a couple more weeks of enjoying it before I got struck down by my first cold of Winter. I had a lovely run with Clarkie in Worcester first - we did the Worcester City 10k together, running on behalf of the Worcester Association of Carers, the charity that our friend Carole works for. Clarkie was desperate to run a sub-1 hour 10k for the first time, and I thought I could probably run her to that quite comfortably. 

Turns out I was right. That was us near the finish (photo from WAC), and I had a really lovely run. It started out misty, but the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. Clarkie got her sub-hour, with 57:39. (The slightly odd lump under my shirt is my SPI belt with my inhaler - not that I needed it, but you never know.)

I then got sick. Took 2 weeks to clear it, including 3 days off work with a lot of sleeping. This was a bit of a bugger, frankly. Talk about extreme tapering. I was well enough for the half I was targetting at Blenheim palace, but woefully undercooked miles-wise. Still. Not the first time. 

My day running around Blenheim also started foggy. I had to rescue one of the tops I was going to donate to start the run in, because it was cold and damp. Again, the sun came out during the run, and I ended up running through the beautiful grounds of the palace and beyond on a cracking day. This was not a flat run - nothing extreme, but constant ups and downs. I also goofed with my food. I had a Nature Valley bar to eat beforehand, but decided not to. Of course, I got hungry within a couple of miles of the start. Fortunately Clarkie had donated one of her gels, so I started that at 3 miles and made it last right through. By 11 miles I was knackered, but I kept running anyway. The finish of the run is uphill, with Blenheim Palace laid out behind it. My legs felt absolutely empty, but I was not walking at that point. Finished in a personal best of 2:03:20, but I was a smidge irritated not to get under 2 hours. 

Sadly, my right achilles was really not happy with my efforts. It still hasn't quite eased up, if I'm honest. I ignored it and went to taekwondo anyway, but my star jumps were quite flat-footed. I gave myself the week off. Then (naturally) I got another cold. This one has been more of a slow burn than the previous, but even Clarkie has succumbed now which is most unusual. So fingers crossed I'll be up and running (short distances, slowly) soon. I'm signed up for Bath in March, and I'm definitely targetting sub-2 on that one. I know exactly how flat it is! 

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