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Garden diary - Tiny seeds of hope

I'm discovering it is almost impossible to take a decent shot of this garden. This will have to do.

May 2015

It shows a little tiny bit of progress, and the weedy grass that is growing at least hides the mud. This kind of starts to show the shape that the garden will (hopefully) eventually have. That bare patch at the back left, that's where the potting shed will go. Staying on that side of the garden, there will be a small patio house-side of the shed, which our big bench will live on and I will sit on to catch the last of the evening sun. The rest of that side will be dug out to the depth that you can sort of see down at the bottom of the picture, but that huge area will be broken into a series of keyhole beds with paths letting me get right into them. 

The bed on the right hand side looks finished, but actually we haven't quite dug all the way to the house yet. Both sides will be edged by a path made of the same flagstones as the patio that the builders built for us - one heading straight for the compost bins (well, nearly straight anyway), and one heading straight for that other patio. A wooden arch will go over the righthand path. There will also be a path across the back to join the two together, probably house-side of that birdtable. That back bit will be another huge planting area. The bits at the back and on the right are hopefully going to mostly be filled with (eventually) large-ish shrubs, for the birds and critters to enjoy and hopefully stop us having to do too much to them. The beds on the left are the sunniest spot, so they will get the more herbaceous stuff and probably need more work to go with them. Hence the keyhole bed system. Inside the paths will be grass. It's not going to be a lot of grass, but I think it will be nice and Clarkie pointed out that we've got an almost-new lawnmower. 

It's a fairly rectilinear scheme, but Clarkie wanted a little more formality than we had in the last garden. I can't say I blame her! The planting areas are generous, and are going to take quite a lot to fill, but eventually they should help to soften the whole thing. There's quite a lot of hard landscaping to be done yet and we're going to need to learn a lot to get it done, but at least there's starting to be a shape to it.

I've been going through my seed box, and almost everything is well out of date so I've decided I'm just going to throw as much of the flower seed on the new beds as I can. Whatever comes up will be a bonus, and it will help me tidy out the old seeds without feeling guilty! Earlier today I scattered a mixture of white nigella, californian poppy and poppy 'mother of pearl' across the bed between the cherry tree and the compost bins - if it comes up, it'll look great. We've had some fairly intense showers here today (hence the puddles), and hopefully that will help get something growing.

Compost tally:

  • 200l of General purpose compost
  • 90l of Ericaceous compost


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